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As you can probably tell from our other services, we have a thorough understanding that “accidents happen.” So, when you place a trinket on a wall shelf and the entire thing collapses, we’ll be there. When your desk at work starts to warp and your drawers won’t open anymore, we’ll be there. When the neighborhood kids accidentally hit their baseball into your living room window, we’ll be there. Our handyman services are second to none. As with everything else we do, no job is too small (or too big, too messy, too drafty, etc.) for us to do.

Our handyman services include any small repair you need. No need to search around for various tradesmen - just call Tony’s Heating & Air Handyman Services and we can fix anything you need fixing.

Maybe you have a wobbly toilet, or your TV unit is starting to buckle, or an electrical socket needs changing. Our services run the gamut, and we’re happy to help with anything to make your life more comfortable. It’s hard to come by a renaissance man who can do it all, but we are a renaissance company, and in our quest to give the best service we can, we will be at your door no matter how small the task.

We are jack-of-all-trades, licensed professionals who will never just find a workaround or temporary fix to your problem - we will fix it till it’s done. You can trust our handyman services - all you have to do is read our testimonials to know that we are thorough and we aren’t though until the job is complete.

Give us a call today for anything that needs fixing in your home or workspace